NFA was formed from the work undertaken by the Statelessness Network Asia Pacific (SNAP) over four years to build a regional civil society movement on addressing statelessness in the region. In October 2020, SNAP transitioned from a project hosted by the Malaysian NGO – Development of Human Resources for Rural Areas (DHRRA) Malaysia to an organisation registered in Australia under the new name of Nationality for All (NFA).


That the rights of all people affected by statelessness in the Asia-Pacific region are realised.


To promote the rights of all people affected by statelessness in the Asia-Pacific region — including the right to a nationality — through strategic and long-term partnerships. 



Respect and Inclusion

We respect the opinions and perspectives of persons with diverse backgrounds and experiences with compassion and without prejudice or judgement. We strive to create inclusive spaces and platforms to promote fair, meaningful and dignified participation of persons with lived experience, amplifying their voices and supporting their leadership in efforts to address statelessness.

Collaboration and Trust

 Our activities are strategically chosen and designed in close collaboration with our partners operating in the relevant country. We value the relationships we have formed with our partners and strive towards building deeper working relationships based on trust, equality and a shared vision.


We approach all of our activities with an intersectional feminist lens, being mindful of the power-relationships, privileges and marginalization every person, group and community subscribes to, and refrain from taking advantage of the emotional labour of persons with lived experience.

Core Value

We believe that persons with lived experience of statelessness should lead in determining how statelessness is addressed.

NFA is committed to supporting the leadership and agency of persons with lived experience of statelessness by ensuring their meaningful participation in the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of our activities.